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Who we are

Juristakuten is a part of Partnerinwestgruppen AB. A mother company who has been working since 1996 and working in 15 different fields. Juristakuten is a law firm in Gothenburg, which works in many different legal areas such as Division of property, Estate registration, Succession, Drawing up of wills, Drawing up of gift certificates, Drawing up of prenuptial agreement, Drawing up of declarations, Drawing up of agreements and other purchase documents, Drawing up of mortgage deeds, Drawing up of lease agreements, New and reorganization of limited companies and other forms of company, Licenses Civil and administrative law disputes in court. We at Juristakuten have worked actively with law and business economics for over 20 years and our goal has always been to offer high-quality help at a reasonable price. Among other things, we have pursued and won cases in the Supreme Court (NJA 2006 s 120).

What we offer

We offer full service to you: We offer tailored subscriptions to you who need different types of advice or help. We provide expertise in individual cases but can also lead lawsuits in court, or provide help at a lower cost if you have a company that needs continuous advice without having to hire a lawyer. There are also fixed prices for you as an individual or for you with a small business! For simpler matters, we offer free advice to you in difficulty. Call us and we will make sure to help you!

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